The All Road carbon rim series is newly developed. We Nextie team devoted ourselves to designing, researching and manufacturing, which comes out with this great product we've ever made, Aerodynamically optimized for high volume tires, fitted for riding on mountains and all roads. 

We made five different depths to adapt to different usage environments, 29mm, 34mm, 39mm 44mm 49mm and 54mm, in style of clincher hookless, hooked and of tubular. 

We recommend the configuration of front wheel NXT39ARX and rear wheel NXT44ARX, or front wheel NXT49ARX and rear wheel NXT54ARX. 

NXT39ARX and NXT44ARX rims are designed to be more aero-dynamical, NXT44ARX and NXT54ARX to be V cross-section profile, which could lead to higher speed on racing. 

We devote ourselves to making Premium Lite Edition, much lighter, 3 years warranty.

NXT29ARX: 370g

NXT34ARX: 390g

NXT39ARX: 410g

NXT44ARX: 420g

NXT49ARX: 440g

NXT54ARX: 460g