Vista Edition MTB Carbon

NEXTIE has been committed to the improvement of product quality. Five years ago, we launched the Premium Edition and Ultralight Edition for our mountain bike rims. On the basis of the Standard Edition, the Premium Edition uses better raw material Toray T800 and improves the manufacturing process, which not only reduces the weight, but also improves the strength a lot. On the basis of maintaining the strength of the original XC Mountain Bike rims, the Ultralight Edition greatly reduces the weight to stimulate a better riding experience. The Premium and Ultralight Editions are widely approved by our customers. Today, we have further improved the performance of the mountain bike rims and officially launched a new edition: Vista Edition.

The Vista Edition has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on mountain cycling characteristics. In terms of design, on the one hand, we have increased the thickness of the rim lip from 3.0-3.5mm thick in Premium Edition to 4.0mm in Vista Edition, which greatly increases the impact resistance and ensures the required strength for mountain cycling. Regarding the strength of the Vista version, the impact test video goes to: TEST VIDEO. The strength of the Vista Edition is about 10% higher than that of the Premium and Ultralight Editions. On the other hand, the depth of the Vista Edition rims is adjusted to only 20mm, which can increase the toughness of the mountain wheels, thereby improving the comfort of mountain riding. The feature of asymmetric model has become the mainstream of bicycle wheels with its huge advantage of balancing the spoke tension of the wheels. Therefore, we design the Vista Edition rims as asymmetric model. In the Vista Edition update, we have launched a total of three sizes, 29-inch 38mm, 29-inch 35mm and 29-inch 33mm, to adapt to different sizes of tires and different riding forms. The profile drawings are as follows:

29" (NXT29VM38 / NXT29VM35 / NXT29VM33)

The Enduro version (Enduro/AM/Freeride) weigh 445g, 435g and 425g. The Lite version (AM/XC/Marathon) weighs 355g, 350g and 345g. The Ultra-Lite version (XC/Marathon) weighs 325g, 295g and 285g.

27.5" (NXT27VM38)

The Enduro version (Enduro/AM/Freeride) weigh 430g. The Lite version (AM/XC/Marathon) weighs 340g. The Ultra-Lite version (XC/Marathon) weighs 310g.